Content marketing
March 5th, 2018 - OpenMags Team

Content marketing

Content marketing will be even more important. 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through an article instead of an ad. A good story, well told, can help humanize a company. What’s more, content marketing is cheaper than many other marketing tools and connects with more potential clients. This type of content can take the form of articles, but it can also be videos or infographics. But, what kind of content will be most in-demand in 2018 and who will produce it?

Authentic moments
Perfectly designed content is starting to lose its shine when placed alongside the authenticity of unfiltered and unedited images and video. Consumers increasingly want to know how bands really are, and to connect with them on a personal level. Content shared on temporary platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram Stories can help businesses achieve just this.

Journalists vs. publicists
Nobody doubts the importance of engaging content, and as competition gets fiercer, brands and agencies are calling upon professional storytellers. With the decline of traditional communication channels, companies are now able to benefit from the skills and experience offered by journalists looking for content marketing work.

The power of influencers
With consumers more focused than ever on the reputation of the brands they use, it’s important to collaborate with the appropriate influencers. But simply hiring a random famous figure is not enough. Micro-influencers can be more useful than a famous person who might have 100.000 followers on social networks but whose opinion is not respected by the brand’s users.

Fan-generated content
The biggest online influencers can earn astronomical figures to promote a product. However, the bubble could be about to burst. Consumers and followers are demanding more transparency, especially when it comes to the relationship between brands and social media stars. In contrast, genuine user-generated content is seen as more trustworthy. This is not only a way of saving on marketing costs, but it also motivates followers to create higher quality content with the hope of being featured on their favourite brands’ platforms.


Photo by Nick Morrison