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With OpenMags you can create any kind of publication from just one platform.
A catalog, a presentation, a magazine, a newsletter or an invitation… OpenMags designs are planned to solve any communication need.

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With a simple and sophisticated content manager, you will upload your content easily.
You can also upload individual pages, store them and use them in future publications.

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You can upload your contacts database or create a new one with all the fields you need for your business.

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Modify the content of your publication based on the information from your database and metrics you obtain.
Select which pages to send to each client and automate your mailings.


Reach your communication goals with just one click.

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The platform allows you to send newsletters to distribute your publication automatically. You can share it also by mail, social networks or through your web page. Corporate clients can also have their own application where they will find their publications available to read, download and share.

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