What is OpenMags?

OpenMags is a communication platform for creating any kind of digital publication in an easy and fast way. No need to program or design.

How can I open my account?

Choose the plan that fits your needs, fill out the form, and we will contact you to activate your account.

How can I cancel my account?

Get in touch with us and request the cancellation. Your account will be canceled within 3 business days and you will no longer receive invoices starting the following month.

Can I reset my account?

Yes. You can request the reactivation of your account at any moment and restore all your publications.

What happens with my publications if I cancel my account?

All your publications will be deactivated and won’t be available. If you are an Enterprise client, your users will retain access to the publications if they have previously downloaded them from your app.

What happens with my application if I cancel my account?

Your application won’t be available in the sales markets (Apple Store, Google Play) once you cancel your account. Users who have previously downloaded your publications will maintain access to them.

Is there a trial period?

Yes. There is FREE trial period of 14 days.

How can I subscribe once the trial has ended?

You can activate your account at any moment by contacting us. Before your trial ends we will contact you to confirm if you want to activate your account.

What happens when the trial period ends?

Your trial account will be deactivated. You can reactivate it and restore your publications at any moment.

How much does it cost?

OpenMags has five subscription plans. Check our subscription plans by clicking here

How do I pay?

Through Stripe payment system. Different payment methods are accepted: credit and debit cards.

How is it billed?

For each payment, an invoice is sent to the client. Annual subscriptions are paid monthly.

Can I use OpenMags in my country?

Yes. OpenMags can be used in any country.

Are taxes included in the price?

Yes. Taxes are included in the final price. Taxes are applied in accordance with the current legislation of each country.

If I am an individual, can I use OpenMags?

Yes. OpenMags accepts subscriptions and payments from individuals.

Can I use my own domain for my publication?

Yes. You can point your own domain to your publications. Point your DNS to s1.openmags.com and to s2.openmags.com and type the domain in the corresponding field of the content manager.

Can I buy domains from OpenMags?


How many publications can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of publications from the available templates. No page limits.

What is the size I have to upload the images?

The recommended size for each image is indicated in the content manager. The maximum weight of an image admitted by the content manager is 600 KB. The platform has a plug-in that allows you to crop and optimize the size for each image.

How can I upload videos?

In the templates that support video, you can introduce the Vimeo ID or YouTube link in the content manager.

Can I add a favicon?

Yes. From the content manager you can upload a favicon for each publication.

What is a collection?

A set of publications. In the library of each publication you will find all the issues from the same collection.

What is an issue?

Each individual publication that belongs to a collection.

Can I modify the design of my publication?

Yes. You can modify the style sheets (CSS) and adjust colors and fonts, keeping the structure of the original design.

Can I modify the design of a publication already published?

Yes. You can modify the style sheets (CSS) and adjust colors and fonts, keeping the structure of the original design.

Can I modify the content from a publication already published?

Yes. You can modify the content of all your publications at any moment.

Can I create publications form preloaded content?

Yes. You can store pages with content and create new publications from them.

Can I add, duplicate, or eliminate pages from a publication?

Yes. You can create publications with the number of pages you want.

Can I include advertising in my publications?

Yes. You can create advertising pages and include them in your publications.

Can I sell through my publication?

No, but we are working on it.

Can I protect my publications with a password?

Yes. You can restrict access to your publications with a password that you can manage through your dashboard.

How many managers can I have?

The number of managers depends on your plan. Personal, 1 manager. Professional, up to 5. Business, unlimited managers.

How can I create more managers?

From your dashboard your can create new access IDs up to the limit included in your plan. The new manager will receive an email to activate the account.

Can I give different permissions to my managers?

Yes, as the main administrator of your account, you can define what your managers can do.

Can I get information about the visits to my publications?

Yes. OpenMags includes an analytics system to measure visits and readers’ behavior.

Can I use my Google Analytics account?

Yes. You can introduce your analytics code in your dashboard to measure visits and readers’ behavior for each publication.

Can I use OpenMags if I don’t have a database of my clients?

Yes. You can create your publications with OpenMags and distribute them through other media (email, web, app, social networks…) You can also start building your database with our Publishing CRM.

I already have a CRM, can I use it with your platform?

Contact us and we will help you integrate the OpenMags API in your CRM.

Who has access to my CRM data?

Only you and your managers have access to it.

How is my CRM data stored?

All your data is protected and encrypted. Only you or an authorized manager has access to your users’ data.

Can I send my publications to anyone?

Legislation on mass mailing is different in each country. You must know and respect the data protection and mailing policy of the country in which you are sending your publications.

Can I include customized fields in my CRM?

Yes. You can customize your database with the fields you want.

How can I report inappropriate content on a publication created with OpenMags?

Contact us at [email protected]. We will deactivate the publication if it doesn’t meet our terms of use.

I have an incident with my publications, can you help me?

Yes. Contact us through our support page.

I have deleted a publication, can you help me restore it?

Yes. Contact us through our support page.

How can I restore my user access?

Contact us through our support page.

How can I restore my password?

Click on “Reset password” and follow the steps.

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